Become a member

What does becoming a member mean?

By becoming a member of Volt Albania, you will help us change the political landscape in Albania. Not only will you join the political movement in Albania, but you will also become a member of Volt Europa. This will put you in direct connection with other European Volters, so we can work together, learn from eachother and change European politics together.

Some of the benefits of being an official member:

  • Right to vote on the congresses of Volt Albania

  • Right to vote on the general assembly of Volt Europe

  • Work on Albanian and European Volt policy, directly influence our political agenda or run in elections yourself

  • Gain access to Volt Europa and Volt Albania events, like our Volt Academy (more below)

  • Join one of our many teams, for example in IT (development), social media, fundraising, law/policies and more

As a member of Volt way you will become a direct part of European democracy, not just in Albania. That's the true Volt pan-European spirit.

Volt Academy

Volt Europa Academy is our training center dedicated to all Volters who want to improve themselves and learn new skills. We partner with universities around the world and organizations specialized in empowering personal and professional development, to offer you interesting and engaging courses.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from management and leadership to civic participation. You will have the opportunity to learn from the most prominent figures and names in your chosen fields and gain the skills needed to make a difference in your community.

📚 List of Courses:

  1. Integrity and Lobbying

  2. Media and Communication

  3. Public Speaking

  4. Comprehensive leadership

  5. He-for-Her, She-for-Him

  6. Volt and the European Parliament

  7. Personal History

  8. Mental Well-Being

  9. Effective selective listening

  10. Campaigns

  11. Film Screening

  12. Debate

Separate Projects

The academy is divided into 4 different projects:

  1. Velocity – project mainly suitable for volunteers and members

  2. Run4Volt - for candidates and potential candidates

  3. EU KnowledgeHub - for sharing knowledge about the EU

  4. Eu Master Class - intensive courses on the European Union

Participation in the Volt Europa Academy is open to all Volters. Just become a member and you'll be ready to start your learning journey. Don't miss this opportunity to grow and develop your personal skills!

Join us in our mission to build a better future for all. Become a member of Volt, let's change the way we do politics together and also get access to the Volt Europa Academy today and start your personal path to success and empowerment!